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Cassie Rahe

Cassie Rahe 

Ms. Rahe is AMRC’s Director of Operations and has been working as a project coordinator in the environmental field for eight years.  Her duties include qualifying subcontractors, scheduling and all aspects of project support.  She received her environmental accreditation from Mayhew Environmental Training Associates Incorporated, Tampa, Florida, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, and the Florida Environmental Health Association, Fort Myers, Florida. She is well versed in processing field notes, sketches, photographs, and laboratory reports.  Ms. Rahe is also responsible for final report preparation and quality control for all types of asbestos reports.

University of Phoenix (2010)
Saint Petersburg College (2013-Present)
Asbestos Inspector (110442-1847)
Asbestos Supervisor (7ME04111106AS00002)
10-Hour OSHA General Industry Training
Technical Accreditation/Training/Courses
Asbestos: Inspector
AHERA Asbestos Abatement Contractor/Supervisor
Lead Abatement Worker
Indoor Air Quality in Florida
The Science Behind Humidity
Fundamentals of Emergency Management
Household Hazardous Materials
Basic Workplace Security Awareness
Asbestos Detected: Visual Guide to Asbestos Investigations
Limiting Your Liability: Risk Management for Lead Abatement Professionals
10 Hour OSHA General Industry Training
Ms. Rahe’s Relevant Project Experience
  • Asbestos Survey of 10 multi-family structures for a county housing authority.
  • Asbestos Survey of 49 apartment structures for a county housing authority.
  • Asbestos Surveys and Demolition Permitting for a large rehabilitation program in Naples.
  • Asbestos Surveys of school buildings.
  • Asbestos Surveys for a large retirement community.
  • Asbestos Survey of a Florida hospital.
Indoor Air Quality
  • Indoor air quality assessment of multiple college campus buildings.
  • Initial assessments for microbial growth within residences and commercial buildings in SW Florida.
  • Indoor air quality assessment of multiple school buildings.
  • Initial assessment for microbial growth within a hotel.
Environmental Consulting
  • Performed monitoring of well installations and soil classifications above an Underground Storage Tank located on a school campus.